About us

our story

Cloud&Co. Jewerly is a brand founded in 2010.g. by Katarina Radnic Zmazek, a creative and managing force of Cloud&Co. She was born in Zagreb, Croatia and she fell in love with creating  jewelry early in her childhood. After finishing Law school and passing the bar exam, she found that her heart and passion lean towards a more creative path and decided to leave it all behind and dedicate herself to designing and making jewelry. During these 10 years, the company has become one of the leading brands in handmade jewelry, creating affordable yet beautiful eye-catching pieces of never take off jewelry such as our Invisible cloud necklaces.

Cloud&Co. opened two shops, in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, that are visited daily by many of our new and returning customers from different parts of the world, enjoying various ways of how we perceive, create and sell jewelry. Whether it’s how you combine your earrings buying them by piece or how you can wear jewelry in more than one way (because a necklace doesn’t have to be only a necklace), you get to be your own stylist. This is why we have thousands of happy customers, walking around in clouds.


NEVERTAKE OFF JEWELRY is a way of loving and wearing jewelry. It seems obvious, it’s jewelry that we never take off. Why? Because it reflects the essence of emotions, whether it’s a special piece you got as a gift from a friend, your grandmother’s ring, or our invisible cloud necklaces that we see every day on beautiful girls and women everywhere. The value of one’s never take off jewelry is far greater than an expensive piece, because of the meaning it carries for that person. It’s a piece of jewelry that you don’t want to take off. It’s a symbol of a beautiful moment or a memory, friendship or a relationship, a reminder of a person dear to your heart. This is what we aim to create.